Clogau At Andre Noir

Clogau is the second generation Welsh family business renowned for their Welsh-inspired designs and style.

Discovering the last remnants of Rare Welsh Gold in the Clogau St. David’s Mine in the Mountains of Snowdonia, every piece of Clogau jewellery is guaranteed to contain Rare Welsh Gold.

Due to its scarcity, Clogau only extracts small amounts to secure its longevity.

Rare Welsh Gold is used in every wedding ring handmade exclusively for the British Royal Family.

At Andre Noir, we are proud to stock new Clogau collections including their exclusive Watch Timepieces range.

“As the story of Clogau continues to unfold there’s one thing that will always remain – our dedication and love for permanently capturing this beautiful Welsh gold in the most unique jewellery possible.”

Ben S. Roberts – Managing Director