Quinn is the fourth generation family business has always been "an innovative pioneer of uncompromising quality in the premium silver jewellery segment'.

Quinn At Andre Noir

Quinn Brochure 2017

Formally known as The Franz Scheurle Silverware Factory, founded by Franz Scheurle in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, 1903. They originally created popular silverware products which soon gained popularity across Europe.

During the 50s and 60s, Franz’s son, Gerhard Scheurle put the business in a new direction, still continuing to release new kinds of silverware but also start creating ladies jewellery accessories. This distinct decision revolutionised the company forever and made a positive effect on the silver jewellery industry.

Entering the 70s, the company desired a complete rebrand. By 1972, Gerhard son Franz F Scheurle and his son in law Dr Christoph Boden took over and re-established the company back into the jewellery market, being known as Quinn. Instead, they chose to discontinue silverware and release new lines of gold jewellery and silver watches which made them Europe’s leading manufacturer of designer watches.

By the 80s and 90s, Quinn started to incorporate platinum and stainless steel into their products and reposition the company’s image through their slogans, which informed their audience that jewellery can be wearable for everyday use and not just for special occasions. In 1997, Quinn won first prize at the EVA Awards under the category “Favorite jewellery for every day and every occasion”.

After 114 years, Quinn is now renown for being one of the leading brands in the premium silver jewellery. Both Franz F Scheurle sons, Oliver and Peter Scheurle are now the current owners and have successfully held the reputation Quinn has built and will pave their own way through the 21 century.

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