Quinn is the fourth generation family business that strives to be an innovative pioneer of uncompromising quality in the premium silver jewellery market.

Quinn At Andre Noir

Established in 1903, Quinn was formally known as The Franz Scheurle Silverware Factory, originally they made silverware products which soon gained popularity across Europe.

The business introduced jewellery pieces by the 1950’s, revolutionising the company and placed firmly in the silver jewellery trade.

The company re-branded in the 1970’s and was renamed Quinn. They discontinued their silverware collections and released a new line of gold jewellery and silver watches.

By the 1980’s/90’s, Quinn incorporated platinum and stainless steel into their collections that re-positioned their brand image;  ‘Wearable jewellery for everyday use, not just for special occasions’.

They won first prize at the EVA Awards under the category “Favourite jewellery for every day and every occasion”.

After 115 years, Quinn is one of the leading premium silver jewellery brands in Europe.