We are proud to be retailers of these brilliant and exceptional brands. Here is the list of all brands (and **special promotions**) that we offer at our shop.


Jewellery has never been handmade at this level of expertise before.

Celebrating 30 years, Clogau is the acclaimed second-generation family business that has grown from an ambitious venture into the mountains of Snowdonia, to becoming one of the nation's most renowned gold brand.

Each piece of Clogau jewellery contains Rare Welsh Gold, which has been used in every wedding ring handmade specially for the Royal Family. Including the wedding bands made for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

**We have brand new pieces of Clogau Jewellery from their newest brochure**

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Unique & Co

Unique & Co focuses primarily on their target audience, so that designers can adapt and alter styles to suit the current fashion trends of the modern era.

Each piece of Unique & Co jewellery has a versatile and trendy look, suitable for any occasion, which is what always catches the eye of our customers.

**Brand new Unique & Co Jewellery pieces are now available at our shop**

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Quinn has been part of the jewellery trade for over 115 years and have successfully evolved their image to suit the trends of a changing world.

The German-based jewellers have a distinct sense of boldness which they incorporate into every collection, which is inspired by popular landmarks around Europe and is made out of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel.

**Andre Noir have brand new silver bracelets, necklets and rings on sale now**

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Nicole Barr

We are amazed by the amount of detail and precision that is put into every piece of jewellery that arrives here at Andre Noir.

Nicole Barr is well known for their top-quality craftsmanship and artisans that come up with the most ambitious and imaginative designs.

Their style is usually inspired by creatures like dragonflies, butterflies, bees, ladybugs and turtles that they make into magnificent pieces of jewellery.

**We have brand new pieces of Nicole Barr Jewellery, available now at Andre Noir**

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At Andre Noir, we have been proud retailers of Trollbeads for over 20 years.

We have a complete selection of glass and silver beads to choose from, with each bead having a different pattern. We also have at our shop bracelets and necklaces that are designed to show off your favourite bead.

**We even sell limited edition Trollbeads that are handmade exclusively for us, and cannot find the same bead anywhere else in the world**

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