View our luxurious and bespoke collections (**and special promotions**) handmade by our professional team of expert jewellers here at Andre Noir.

New Shimmering Collection

An exclusive and original collection that can utterly shine, glimmer and shimmer.

Our brand new pieces of jewellery have been designed by our very own Andre Noir, and handmade by each of our team of expert jewellers.

**New additional pieces of jewellery from the shimmering collection is now on sale at our shop**

View the shimmering collection via the link.

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Precious Gold Collection

At Andre Noir, we only use luxurious and precious gold that is 100% sustainable and conflict-free.

Our Gold Collection showcases the sheer craftsmanship and creativity of our team of expert jewellers which results in an astonishing final product that we sell in our shop.

**This collection contains brand new bespoke jewellery items, handmade by our expert jewellers. On sale now at our shop**

View our Gold Collection via the link below.

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Multi-Colour Collection

A collection filled with our most vibrant, glamorous and colourful pieces of jewellery we sell at our shop.

Each piece of jewellery contains a variety of different gemstones such as peridot, garnet, blue topaz, aqua marine, multi-colour sapphires and more.

Have a look at the multi-colour collection via the link below.

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Engagement Collection

Choosing to share your life with your eternal partner requires a small, dazzling token that signifies your affectionate love and commitment.

At Andre Noir, we are able to create an engagement ring that is suited to your personal style and to your budget.

To view Andre Noir's New Engagement Collection, click on the link below.

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Wedding Collection

After the excitement of the proposal...

...comes the diligent planning for a memorable wedding.

We take customer service and satisfaction to the highest priority.

When we create a wedding ring for you, one of our expert jewellers will consult and work with you in every stage of the process until your specifications have been met.

You can make your wedding ring as decorative and as person to you as you like.

Have a look at our selection of new bespoke wedding rings, it will give you an idea of what you're looking for.

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Emerald Collection

The may birthstone, emerald is a unique gemstone which holds an influence to admire its lustrous green colour and impeccable shine.

Our team of expert jewellers here at Andre Noir have been combining their own style and designs and incorporating emeralds in every piece of jewellery contained in this collection.

Click on the link below and have a look at our collection of emerald jewellery.

View Emerald Collection

Ruby Collection

One of Andre Noir's most unique collections yet!

Our team of expert jewellers have been experimenting with new designs and have been taking the time and effort to create top quality and bespoke jewellery that we are renowned for.

View the ruby collection now via the link below.

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Sapphire Collection

Sophisticated. Spectacular. Stunning. Sapphire.

With some pieces designed and handmade by our very own Andre Noir.

The Sapphire Collection contains our most popular rings, and stunningly designed earrings and pendants.

View The Sapphire Collection via the link below.

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Pink Sapphire Collection

Incorporating pink sapphire into our designs has made this collection have that extra sparkle.

With a variety of different unique designs and created by top-quality care and craftsmanship. Pink Sapphire is truly a special and unique gemstone that stands out from the rest.

View our Pink Sapphire Collection via the link below.

View Pink Sapphire Collection

Sculpture Collection

Within Andre Noir, we hold a secret talent that we are very proud to showcase and have since continued it's service since our establishment.

This collection contains a complete diversity of solid bronze sculptures from ballerinas to a mighty eagle and a small proportion of sculptures have been modelled especially by Andre Noir himself!

View the sculpture collection by clicking via the link.

View Sculptures

Our Selection of Commissioned Work

All collections, all bespoke jewellery and even some not-before-seen commissioned work are stored here.

Every piece of jewellery in 'Our Work' is handmade by our professional team of expert jewellers and our very own Andre Noir himself.

View our selection of commissioned work by the link below.

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