Andre Noir offer a variety of services carried out by our team of expert jewellers, as seen below.

Bespoke Jewellery

Be involved in every step of the creation to your piece of jewellery, which can be designed and handmade to your personal specifications.

From discussing initial ideas to producing your jewellery, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your piece of jewellery is as special and unique as it can be.

We can create personalised jewellery such as engagement rings, bespoke diamond & gold wedding rings, solitaire rings, eternity rings, signet rings, bracelets, crosses, pendants, earrings and watches.

Go onto The Process to learn more about how we can make your jewellery from start to finish.

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Repair & Renovate

We can completely repair any damaged or broken piece of jewellery. Whether it is replacing a loose or missing gemstone, resizing rings, repairing the claw work or renovating rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Our team of expert jewellers have the necessary skills and knowledge to repair and renovate your jewellery back to its former glory.

Andre Noir has all the appropriate materials and tools to make your jewellery as good as new.

You can either contact us or come to our shop for any questions you may have about repairing and renovating your piece of jewellery.

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Altering your existing jewellery

At Andre Noir, we believe that jewellery should be admired and showed off for all occasions. Instead of being kept in the dark of your box or drawer.

We can redesign and alter your existing jewellery. You may want to turn your bracelet into a pendant or want to replace your gemstone on a ring to something more appealing to you, or just want your ring resized.

We can help transform your old piece of jewellery that no longer suits you into a modern, stylish and exquisite jewellery that you will always wear.

Go onto 3D Designs which will give you a great visualisation on what kind or alteration you want done to your piece of jewellery.

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We fully recognise that jewellery has a financial value that does not properly reflect the "sentimental valueā€¯, like a piece of jewellery that has been passed down within a family for generations and now is beginning to show its age.

Our team of expert jewellers are able to recreate your cherished piece of jewellery from any pictures or drawings you may have.

If you have any missing gemstones from your ring, earring or bracelet, then we are able to replace it as we have the complete collection of gemstones ready at our shop.

You can either get in contact with us or come to our shop for a no obligation free quote.

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Hand Engraving

We can make your jewellery as personal for you by adding an engraved message in your own choice of modern or traditional fonts and sizes.

Whether you are celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary or simply saying thank you to a friend.

Engraving adds that personal touch to your jewellery that will never be forgotten and will remain there engraved forever.