The Process

This guide gives you a summary of how we can create your piece of jewellery from start to finish.


First, a member of our team of expert jewellers will consult with you about the specifications to your piece of jewellery, and then initially be able to hand-draw it with you.

With the hand sketched drawing, we are able to produce a 3D image of the design.

We can edit and alter this design as many times as you wish until we have achieved a completely satisfactory result.

Visit our selection of 3D Designs via the link below.

View 3D Designs

Prototype and Wax Carving

Second, we start to hand-carve your design in wax (or be able to produce a 3D printed version). This lets you know exactly how it will look, guaranteeing that the finished piece will be the right shape, size and thickness for you.

Many of our customers enjoy seeing a wax carving at this stage. We are perfectly able to alter and change certain aspects of the wax carving if it is not correct.

Wax carvings are free of charge and, depending on your specifications, will be completed over a few days. If you do not feel 100% satisfied with the wax model, we can always redesign and create a new wax carving which is still free of charge.

We also produce prototypes in solid silver as some customers prefer to visualize their piece of jewellery this way.

Diamond and Gemstone Selection

If a gemstone is included into your design, we will guide you through the list of various diamond and coloured stone options available to you.

At Andre Noir, we have a wide selection of gemstones. (for example, emerald, ruby, sapphire, peridot, topaz, citrine, opal, amethyst, tourmaline, blood stone, aquamarine, tanzanite, zircons, etc.)

We also keep a wide collection of diamonds of various sizes and grades that are supplied with an independent certificate, examples of companies we use are GIA, HRD and IJL.

View Collections to look at the selection of gemstones we use to create our bespoke pieces of jewellery

All our diamonds supplied are conflict-free.

Our goal is to make sure that you have the very best quality within your budget.

View Collections

Handmaking, Casting & Hallmarking

Once you are 100% satisfied with your piece of jewellery, we can immediately commence hand making your bespoke jewellery here in our workshop.

Using top-quality equiptment & materials, and utilising our years of expertise, we will deliver you your unique piece of jewellery in a couple of weeks (depending of course on your requirements and the piece of jewellery we are creating for you)

Finishing Touches

The last steps of the process is then hallmarking and manufacturing your piece of jewellery.

Once this process has been completed and if you wanted to incorporate a gemstone in your piece, we will then set the gemstone you have chosen.

When we have completed our work and your piece has gone through our quality control processes, we will then contact you for a viewing and collection.