We are proud retailers of these exceptional brands. Read their stories and visit our shop to see our range of branded jewellery pieces.


Clogau is the second-generation welsh family business with a large international following.

Each piece of Clogau jewellery contains Rare Welsh Gold, and incorporated in every wedding ring handmade for the Royal Family.

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Unique & Co

Unique & Co takes metropolitan life into their brand new style to suit the current fashion trend.

Versatile, stylish and suitable for any occasion.

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Nicole Barr

Nicole Barr is well-known for their animal inspired designs and enamel jewellery.

Their artisans use painstaking techniques to create detailed and ambitious pieces of jewellery.

Our customers always love to see their selection of dragonflies, butterflies, bees, ladybugs and turtles.

To learn more about Nicole Barr, click on the link below.

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Quinn is a European jewellery brand spanning 120 years.

They have evolved their brand and jewellery styles to suit a changing world.

Quinn Jewellery has a sense of boldness our customers love.

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